The SL Blogger offers a great inworld group with like minded bloggers. We like to share tips, help each other and goof around a bit.

How does the group work?

– Any member can use chat to ask for help or help other bloggers out. Chat is not used to sell (gacha) items, promote your store, call for bloggers, share blog links,… .

– On occasion, SL Blogger Support members are granted early access to shopping events. Unless otherwise specified, this is restricted to early access – group members only and members should not contact designers and ask for review copies. Selling copy items before the event opens is also a nono.

– You are supposed to have fun blogging!

Sign me up!

You must be an active blogger to be allowed into the group. 

– You made a few blog posts in the past three months

– The platform can vary: Blogger, WordPress,Tumblr, Flickr, Facebook

– We encourage different varieties of blogging: Fashion, Destinations, Editorials, Tutorials

– Your blog needs tobe Second Life Related

We do allow Event Organizers and Creators within the group as well. Most own a “blog” for marketing purposes as well. Event Organizers and Creators must still apply.

Applications will also be closed during Early Access to larger events. We do this so that people are not applying just to get into the group for these events. Applications will re-open 24 hours after the event is open to the public.

Do you want to join us?  

Blogger Appliction


Event Organizers Application

Blog Managers Application

Creators/Designer Application